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Panoramic ProductsGreater Cairo Foundries (GCF) is a leading manufacturing company that has a variety of products. It started in 1984 as a jobbing foundry serving many industries such as Cement, construction, valves and pumps manufacturers, and steel producers among other clients. Today GCF has 1000 employees and its facilities cover 30 acres and its functions include casting, machining, testing, inspection labs, painting facilities, and engineering services. 


GCF has developed its products to offer complete products namely, Ductile Iron fittings, valves and mechanical joints, and most recently DI pipes. GCF is specialized in bigger sized castings up to 15 tons castings. GCF makes fittings up to DN 2600, Butterfly valves up to DN 1600 and Gate Valves up to DN 1600.


GCF aims to become the region’s largest and most respectful quality supplier of water and water-associated pipeline products, providing a first-class substitute for American and European producers, satisfying the growing requirements of our customers in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East.

GCF TeamMission

To become a professionally managed industrial company through hiring, and training some of the best young engineers and management caliber in Egypt.

To offer proper education for technicians in their respected fields in molding, machining, pattern making, mechanical and electrical maintenance.

To contribute to the Egyptian and Middle Eastern economy by becoming a value added industrial company producing engineering products critical to the infrastructure of the country. To contribute to the saving of precious water by offering defect free pipes, valves and fittings that does not show any sign of leakage after long years of operation.

To offer feasible products to our customers by applying all of the above.

To provide a healthy, safe and happy environment to work for.

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