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Air Valves

Air ValvesThe GCF Air Valve is a ductile iron air inlet-relief valve, which allows entrance and exit of air in the course of pipeline filling and emptying, therefore securing an undisturbed pipeline operation. Their function is to automatically release and admit air without operator assistance.


  • GCF Series 6200 Double Champers Air valve without Internal isolation.
  • GCF Series 6300 Double Champers Air valve with Internal isolation.

Function and operation description

GCF Series 6200 & 6300 air valves with double chamber (relief and vacuum) are designed to perform three functions:
1- the relief of air on the start-up of the system while pipeline are filled.
2- the intake of air on shut - off of the system while pipeline are being drained.
3- the discharge of pressurized air pockets during the operation.

operation of air valve takes place in 3 different stages

1- system is turned -on by a valve opening or pump start:
- wheen water begin fill the pipeline pushing air.
- air is vented through the large chamber.
- water flows inside the valve causing the float to rise and seal the outlet.

2- during the operation , pressurized air pockets accumulate in the system:
- air pockets enter the valve and cause the float in the small chamber to drop.
- air is vented through the small orifice.
- water flows inside the small chamber causing the float to rise and seal the outlrt.

3- system is turned - off by a valve closing, pump shut - off:
- water drains and the level of water in the pipeline drops. causing vacuum inside the system.
- the float drops and opens the large chamber.
- air is let in the system.

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