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Pipe Plant

Pipe Plant

GCF has completed a Ductile Iron plant covering to become the 2nd in Egypt and the 3rd in Middle East to serve the growing need for Ductile Iron pipes with superior quality. All the equipment of the plant is the latest German and American technology. The plant is equipped to produce 50,000 tons of pipes. The main equipment includes:

  • 12MW Power plant from Mitsubishi, Japan.
  • Induction furnaces.
  • Centrifugal casting machines, USA technology producing Sizes from 100mm to 700mm.
  • Shell molding machines from Shalco USA.
  • 100,000 tons / year annealing furnace, from Germany.
  • Finishing lines including Zinc coating, cement lining, and bitumen coating machines.
  • Hydraulic testing machines.
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